Champagne Glasses 2pc 4oz 50CT
Go Cup Clear 10oz 50CT
Go Cup Dart 16oz Trans 50CT
Go Cup Hard Plastic t-10 20/25
Go Cup Trans. 9oz 100CT
Go Cup T5S SQWT 5oz 50CT
Go Cup T7T 7oz Clear
Go Cup 12SN Trans. 12oz 50CT
Plastivc Dart Conex 7oz




Bloody Mary Mix Original
Bloody Mary Mix Hot & Spicy
Bloody Mary Seasoning
Bloody Mary Spiced Rim Salt Tin
Dirty Martini Mix
Strawberry Daiquiri/Margarita Mix
Sweetened Lime Juice
Old-Fashioned Mix
Bar Blend Grenadine LTR ea
Bar Blend Puree Strawberry 64oz Bar Blend Rock Candy LTR ea Bar Blend Sweet & sour RTU
Bar Blend Triple Sec LTR ea
Big Bucket Reg/Straw Margarita Mix 96oz Clamato Ceasar 1 LTR ea
Cock & Bull Ginger Beer 24/12oz
Coco Lopez Crm of Coconut 15oz
Demitri Bloody Mary Mix 16oz
Finest Call Bloody Mary 1 LTR
Finest Call Margarita 1 LTR
Finest Call Pina Colada 1 LTR
Finest Call Strawberry Puree 1 LTR
Finest Call Sweet & Sour 1 LTR
Harvey's Hot Rum Batter 12oz & 36oz
Jose Cuervo Margarita Mix LTR
Jose Cuervo Margarita Salt 6.25oz
Jose Cuervo Strawberry Margarita 1 LTR
Liptons Spiced Apple Cider 14CT
Magic Presto Sweet & Sour Concentrate LTR
Mr & Mrs T Bloody Mary LTR
Mr & Mrs T Bloody Mary 24/5.5oz
Mr & Mrs T Bloody Mary 6/64oz
Mr & Mrs T Bold Spicy Bloody Mary
Mr & Mrs T Mai Tai Mix LTR
Mr & Mrs T Margarita Mix LTR
Mr & Mrs T Margarita 6/64oz
Mr & Mrs T Pina Colada LTR
Mr & Mrs T Strawberry Daiquiri
& Staw Margarita LTR
Mr & Mrs T Sweet & Sour Mix LTR
Mr & Mrs T Whiskey Sour LTR
Mr C Blackberry Daiquiri QT
Mr C Coconut Creme QT
Mr C Daiquiri Mix QT
Mr C Kiwi Daiquiri & Kiwi Margarita QT
Mr C Rasberry Daiquiri & Margarita QT
Mr C Strawberry Daiquiri QT
Mr C Sugar Free Margarita LTR
Rose's Grenadine Syrup 12 & 25oz
Rose's Lime Juice 12oz & LTR
Tabasco Bloody Mary Mix Mild 32oz
Tabasco Spicy Bloody Mary Mix 32oz
Tom Collins Master of Mixes Mix LTR



Dart Foam Cup 8oz 25CT (40)
Dart Sipper Lid 8J8 100 CT (10)
Wincup #10C10 10oz 40 CT (25)
Wincup #12C16 12oz 25CT (40)
Wincup #14C16 14-16oz 25CT (40)
Wincup #16C16 16oz 20CT (25)
Wincup #20C16 20oz 20CT (25)
Wincup #32C32 32oz 25CT (20)
Wincup Lid #10lt 10oz 100 CT (10)
Wincup Lid 32oz #32FLS 100 CT (10)
Wincup Lid 16LT 100CT 12-20 (10)




Cups & Lids:
  Club Frill Pick 4.5 IN 1000 CT
  Coffee Stirrer 5.25 & 7.25 White 1000CT
   Minty Toothpick 1000CT
   Pick Arrow 1000 CT
   Pick Sword 1000CT
   Stirrer CLCS-525 1000CT
   Straw Black 5 1/2" 1000CT
   Straw Fat Red 8" 400CT
   Straw Neon Asst. 5 1/4" 1000CT
   Straw Neon Asst. 8" 500CT
   Straw Super Giant Neon 8" 400CT
   Straw 4" CL404R Red 500CT
   Straw 6" Red Qwest Fat 500CT
   Straw 8" Black HI-Ball 500CT
   Straw 8" Slim Red/Blue Stripped
   Straw 8" Red Slim 500 CT
   Toothpicks Wooden Round 800CT



Straws & Related Items:
Booze Hound Coaster 2500 CT Cocktail Napkin 250 CT (16) Coasters White Grecian 2.5M Paper Placemats White 1000CT


Napkins & Related Items:
  Bomber Shot Glass Plastic 10 Ct
  Libbey #1175 Pilsner 36/10oz Wide
  Libbey #1176HT Pilsner 3DZ 9oz
  Libbey #1178HT Pilsner 24/10oz
  Libbey # 1181HT Pilsner 24/12oz
  Libbey #1183 Pilsner 36/15oz
  Libbey #123 HI-Ball 48/7oz
  Libbey #132 HI-Ball 48/8oz
  Libbey #133 HI-Ball 36/9oz
  Libbey #139 HI-Ball 48/13oz
  Libbey #151 Split 72/6oz
  Libbey #15237 Beverage GIB 10oz
  Libbey #1639HT Mixing Glass 16oz
  Libbey #172 HI-Ball 48/10.5oz
  Libbey #2310 10oz Tall HI-Ball
  Libbey #2338 Old Fash 36/10.5oz
  Libbey #2339 Old Fash 36/12.5 oz
  Libbey #3766 Wine 36/6 1/2 oz
  Libbey #3769 Wine 6 1/2 oz
  Libbey #5011 Mug 6 1/2oz
  Libbey #5120 Shot 1.5oz 1oz Line
  Libbey #5121 7/8 Line shot Doz.
  Libbey # 5126 Shot 2oz 3/4 & 7/8 Line Doz
  Libbey #5127 1.5oz
  Libbey #5127 3/4 & 7/8 Doz
  Libbey #5130 Old Fash 36 5oz
  Libbey # 5131 Old Fash48 4oz
  Libbey #5135 1.25oz 1/2oz line
  Libbey #5135 1.25oz No line
  Libbey #5139 Mixing Glass 16oz
  Libbey #5202 Mug 24 10oz
  Libbey #5205 Stein 10oz & 12/12oz
  Libbey #5260 Pitcher 6/60oz
  Libbey #5309 Mug 24/12oz
  Libbey #5362 Mug 12/10oz
  Libbey #94 Zombie Clear 72/10oz
  Libbey #96 Zombie 72/12oz
  Neon Shooters 100 CT
  Pitcher Bouncer #3335 6/48oz
  Pitcher Bouncer #3336 6/32oz
  Pitcher Bouncer #3338 6/60oz
  Pitcher Bouncer II #3331 6/48
  Pitcher Bouncer II #3334 6/60oz
    Bar Caddy (Straw/Pick/Napkin)
    Bar Mesh Red or White (Per Foot)
    Bar Spoon Twist (Per Foot)
    Bar Towels White 28oz 4-pk
    Bottle & Can Opener (Wood Handle)
    Brush Tripple Glass Washer
    Brush Twin Glass Washer #90
    Cash Caddy Clip on Kit Rd Tray
    Cash Caddy Clip on Kit Sq Tray
    Corkscrew Waiter
    Corkscrew Winged
     Feather Duster Retractable
     Fruit/Condiment Tray 4 Comp S STL
     Fruit/Condiment Tray 5 Pint
     Fruit/Condiment Tray 6 Pint Plastic
     Glass Refill Brush
     Glass/Margarita Rimmer 2-Comp't
      Ice Scoop Aluminum 58 oz
      Ice Scoop LG White Plastic
      Ice Scoop Small Metal 4oz
      Mr Boston Bartender's Guide
      Muddler Stick
     Overflow Pipe Large 1.5" - 1/75"
      Overflow Pipe Med 11"
      Overflow Pipe Small 7"H 1" - 1.5"
      Plastic Flask Carded 10oz & 16oz
      Refill Sponge for Rimmer EA
      Rubber Server Master 1 EA
      S.S. Jigger 3/4oz x 1oz
      S.S. Jigger 3/4oz x 1 1/4oz
      Shaker Can (only) Steel no lid
      Shaker Can Complete w/Lid 15oz
      Shaker Can Complete w/Lid 28oz
      Stor N Pour Neck Only
      Stor N Pour Spout Only
      Stor N Pour 1 Gal. Jar & Lid Only
      Stor N Pour 32oz Jar & Lid Only
      Stor N Pour Plastic Complete 32oz
      Strainer 4 Prong
      Tray CKTL 12 "X16" Cork Lined
      Tray CKTL 14 " Round w/cork
           Ash Trays
          Candle Soft Light Liquid
          Dance Wax 1 LB Can
          Posi-Pour 1oz Red
          Posi-Pour 7/8oz Blue
          Pourers #216 Metal w/Cork 12's
          Pourers #220 Metal Fast 12's
          Pourers # 235 Metal Med 12's
          Pourers Plastic Med 2's
          Avail in Black, Red, Green, Blue
          and Yellow
          Pourers Speed 2 Pack Carded
          Universal Dust Covers 12 CT.
          Victorian Candles Amber 12 CT.
          Victory Candles Ruby Red 12 CT.
Bar Supplies & Equipment
Bar Condiments:
If you are looking for Restaurant Supplies, Bar Stuff, Bar Items, Lounge and/or Pub Supplies for your business or home, look no further.

Powers Candy Co.,Inc. has a large selection of Bar and Restaruant Supplies and we offer next day Business Delivery. (Depending on location)

Donít see what you need? Give us a call and we will do our best to Special Order it for you!
Bar & Restaurant Supplies
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 Available in 3 Sizes: 8oz, 16oz & 1/2 Gallon
Classic Sweet
Dark Bergamo

   Angostura Aromatic Bitters 4oz
   Kosher Salt 3lb Box
   Lemon EZ-Squeeze 4.5oz
   Lime EZ-Squeeze 4.5oz

Sour Cocktail Onions
Sweet Cocktail Onions
Premium Pickled Garlic
Imported Baby Corn
Royal Red Cherries with stems
Royal Red Cherries without stems
Spiced Pickled Beans
Zesty Brussle Sprouts
Dilled Brussel Sprouts
Premium Pickled Asparagus
Pickle Spears - Bloody Mary
Pacific Choice Pickled Asparagus
Pacific Choice Pickled Green Beans
Wickland Tabasco Spiced Bean

Veggies & Fruits:
Bloody Mary Swizzle Stix 4 oz Clip Strip
Bloody Mary Swizzle Stix Food Service Pack
Bloody Mary Peanuts Retail Pack
Bloody Mary Peanuts Food Service Pack

Swizzle Stixs & Peanuts
Jalapeno Stuffed Queen
Garlic Stuffed Queen
Red Turkish Pepper Stuffed
Anchovy Stuffed Manzanilla
Piminento Stuffed Manzanilla
Pimento Stuffed Martini
Pimiento Stuffed Queen
Tri Pack Stuffed Queen (Jal-Garl-On)
Pitted Queen
Habanero Stuffed Queen
Blue Cheese Stuffed Queen
Hot Pimiento Stuffed

Drink Mixes
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